43 Years of Impactful Scholarship

Volume 41, Issue 5

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Sticks and Stones May Break my Bones, But Words May Also Hurt Me: A Comparison of United States and German Hate Speech Laws

The intersection of 116th Street and Broadway is an iconic spot in New York City. An exquisite black gate, with two towering pylons, one for the Arts and one for the Sciences, marks the entrance to one of the most beautiful places in Manhattan: Columbia University. There is one more iconic piece of that entrance, which everyone at Barnard and Columbia knows very well: the man who stands by the gate with a sign that says “Google it! Jews control . . . .” Some of his signs have said “Google it! Jews control the internet,”...

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Cleaning up the Industry: Improving Protections for Precarious and Child Domestic Workers

The most abusive forms of child labor are often thought to be trafficking for sexual exploitation or excessive working hours in factories. While these labor abuses do exist, the reality is that some of the most abusive forms of child labor occur in the private homes of wealthy and middle-class families in the form of domestic work. If it is true that criminals are best deterred by the likelihood of apprehension…

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