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The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts on novel, provocative, and diverse topics of public and private international and comparative law that will make significant contributions to the field.  Legal scholars and practitioners from around the world are invited to submit manuscripts.  Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Fordham Law students who are interested in publishing with the Journal should contact the Writing & Research Editors at iljwre@law.fordham.edu.  The Journal does not accept submissions from current J.D. or LL.M. students at other law schools.

All manuscripts must be unpublished and written in English.  The Journal has a strong preference for article submissions that are under 15,000 words and essay submissions that are under 10,000 words.  Footnotes should conform to The Bluebook:  A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed., 2015).  The Journal follows its own conventions for citations to European Community and/or European Union materials.  For grammatical and stylistic matters, the Journal refers to The Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed., 2010).

A submission must contain the manuscript, an abstract, and the author’s curriculum vitae, and must be submitted electronically.  The Journal prefers submissions be made through Scholastica, but submissions may also be emailed (in Microsoft Word or PDF format) directly to the Senior Articles Editor at iljarticles@law.fordham.edu.  The Journal is unable to provide responses to articles not selected for publication due to the large number of submissions the Journal receives.

Expedite Review Requests

If you have received a formal offer of publication from another journal and would like to request that the Journal expedite its review of your submission, please contact the Senior Articles Editor at iljarticles@law.fordham.edu.  When requesting that the Journal expedite its review, please provide the title of your article, the journal(s) from which you have an offer, and the date by which you must receive a decision from the Journal.  Alternatively, you may submit an expedite review request through Scholastica.  The Journal cannot guarantee a response to every expedite review request, but will endeavor to respond in as timely a manner as possible.


To withdraw your submission from consideration, please contact the Senior Articles Editor at iljarticles@law.fordham.edu.  Please include the title of the submission in the email.

Editorial Review Process

The Journal is committed to providing comprehensive editorial review of all submissions selected for publication.  In addition to being fact-checked and Bluebooked, each piece goes through three rounds of upper-level edits.  The Journal‘s editors edit both the citations and the text to ensure it reads cogently and is grammatically correct.  During the editing process, the author is given two opportunities for review.  Authors retain full control over the content of their work, and all comments and suggestions offered by the editors are optional.  Authors should be prepared to provide any cited sources to the Journal editors as requested.

Student Notes/Comments

The Journal is committed to publishing student pieces, and the Board strongly encourages every staff member to write either a Note or Comment for publication in the Journal. Each staff member may select his or her own topic for the piece, subject to the approval of the Writing & Research Editors. Each writer works closely with the Writing & Research Editors  who provide guidance and assistance in researching, organizing, and editing a student’s piece throughout the writing process. Once the Writing & Research Editors have approved a student’s piece, a draft is submitted to the Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Executive Notes & Articles Editor, and Senior Articles Editor, who will collectively meet with the student to discuss the piece and necessary revisions. Once the Writing & Research Editors have given a piece final approval it is submitted to the Executive Notes & Articles Editor for distribution to the staff.

While the ILJ gives strong preference to current ILJ members for publication, the Journal also considers student pieces by other Fordham students, which have been directly submitted to the Writing & Research Editors at iljwre@law.fordham.edu.

ILJ Online Submissions

The Journal is currently seeking shorter manuscripts for its online forum, ILJ Online, from academics and practitioners. The Journal prefers manuscripts ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 words on relevant international legal issues. Footnotes should conform to The Bluebook:  A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed., 2015).

Please send your submission electronically by email to iljoce@law.fordham.edu.